About us

UsedPartsDepot.com is the fastest and easiest way to search for thousands of vintage and hard to find used and new car parts. UsedPartsDepot is a full service auto recycler located in northern California selling clean, quality, used, and new auto parts. We specialize in vintage, rare, and late model auto parts for all makes and models. There are thousands of car parts in the UsedPartsDepot database and the search is quick and simple. Choose the standard search if you know what you are looking for and if you are not sure, you can conduct an image search and click on the correct part.

Our History

UsedPartsDepot was established in 2012 and was created to meet the world’s growing need for an effect used auto parts distribution system. UsedPartsDepot has been serving our customers and doing our part to save the environment and keep your car on the road.

UsedPartsDepot.com is an “auto recycler” with an all-in-one Internet solution to bring body shops, repair facilities, every day hobbyist, and auto recyclers all under one roof. UsedPartsDepot’s great customer service has been the core to a successful business. Click here to visit our products database and find the part you are looking for.

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